Pod Screenings


We’re pleased to announce that the PlantPure Nation film is now available for Pods to screen without paying for a license to do so! As of April 2017, there is no longer a licensing fee to screen the film to a group of people. That is true whether an admission fee is charged to viewers or the screening is free and open to the public. Please note that the film itself isn’t free, which means it won’t be posted online for anyone to view for free. You may purchase a copy of the film (whether on DVD or digital) in order to screen it for free. Please visit the PlantPure, Inc. Store for copies of the DVD, or get a digital download here.


Promote your Pod Screening event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., through one or more of these social media friendly ads, or memes!

We have six memes you may customize for your event AND 16 “generic” memes that promote the film, but would require you to add accompanying text about your event when you post.

NOTE: The first six memes are in a photoshop layered file format (.psd) and the custom information layer needs to be filled in with your event’s specific details such as date, time and screening address before sharing. You may need the assistance of a graphic artist to help.