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    I wanted to give you an update on event scheduling for the first quarter of 2020 so we can all get these into our calendars. I’m very excited about what’s coming! Here’s what we’ve got so far:

    January 12, 1-3 PM: First United Church, Room 6, Bloomington, IN. Guest speakers: Sarah Lowe and Marcia Oliver of “Owen County Reversing Diabetes,” and will be speaking on their community workshops in the region.

    February 9, 1-3 PM: First United Church, Room 6, Bloomington. Guest speaker: Zannah Breunig of “Educated Choices Program,” in which she is an Education Field Director. She will be doing a presentation on “Healthful Eating.”

    March 15, 2-4 PM, Brown County Public Library, Room B, in Nashville, IN (Note: This is out of pattern, as it is on the third Sunday of the month due to scheduling difficulties on the second Sunday.). Guest Speaker: Dr. Carol Wroblewski, an instructor for PCRM’s “Food for Life” classes, and works for Franciscan Health Center as a psychologist. She will be doing the presentation, “Kickstart Your Health.”

    I’m very excited about what we’ve got coming up, and please get these in to your calendars right away!