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    You can also access our pod group through our private Plant-Based Mebane group page on Facebook. Our group email is

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    Excerpt from my diary: I became a vegan 3-3-16! I've ate dairy 2 times since then but am trying to go animal free! 3-30-16 still a Vegan! I ate dairy on Easter but no meat. Back on track since then. 4-16-16 still Vegan! No meat since before 3-3-16. Dairy or eggs in cooked dishes (not by themselves) 3 or 4 times. None in the last couple of weeks. My husband is losing weight eating vegan with me. He has meat and/or dairy away from home. 6-7-16 Still vegan! I go to dr this Friday and am excited to see my blood cholesterol level results! 6-11-16 still Vegan! Had blood work yesterday at dr office. My total cholesterol was down to 209 from 255 on 3-2-16 the day before I became a vegan. My triglycerides were 132 down from 159. HDL was 45 compared to 50. And LDL was 138 down from 174. This brought me into the normal category for LDL! VLDL was 26 down from 31 and cholesterol / HDL ratio was 4.6 down from 5.3. Everything is in normal category except for total cholesterol just over 200. Yay me!!! My doctor was proud of me. My weight was down 7 lbs too! Veganism is agreeing with me! I am feeling so much better - in my body but also my spirit! I am so glad to not be part of the factory farming/animal exploitation disgrace!

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