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    Raleigh, North Carolina region...

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    @begreenwithamy HI Amy - I just NOW saw a post you reacted to of mine on the "Group Leader" forum giving me a better link to your blog. Anyway - I wanted you to know that, now that I have it and it worked, I have featured it on my "Super Quick Plant-Based Recipes" site today. I showed your 3 salad dressings which I think are great! Hopefully this will bring more people to your site - especially since I think I have many people are wanting more oil and sugar-free recipes! Thank you! sorry for delay! Feel free to message me in the future with any other quick recipes.

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    @drenlynn Thank you for creating the PlantPure Nation Premier event! I will be there! Looking forward to meeting you in person!

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    @sigfrido What's happening with the Sarasota Pod?

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    @apapasso thanks for the add

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